What is the best way to display your in-store inventory?

The best way to display our in-store inventory is by using the product filter located on the left side of the screen. We recommend checking the box next to "Hide out of stock" and "Available In-Store Today" before using any of the other filters. This will display only the items we have available in the store. Then you can apply additional filters to further narrow down your search.

To display what we have in-store and what we can order from our distributors, remove the check next to "Available In-Store Today" and you will see the full inventory for our local shop and our distributors.

Can I use more than one promo code at the same time?

You can only apply one promo code per cart. If you have a promotion code already added to your cart, you will not be able to use any other codes. You would have to separate your items into multiple purchases and apply the appropriate promo code to each cart.

Where do we select in-store pickup for our shipping method?

You will be able to select your preferred shipping method after you begin the checkout process and select "Start Checkout". You will see a "Delivery Information" section and that is where you have the option to select in-store pickup.

After placing an order online for in-store pickup, how long does it take to be fulfilled?

Any order for items we have in-stock locally, will be ready for pickup by our next business day (Thursday or Saturday). Orders that we fulfill through our distributors, will take 3 - 10 business days to be processed and then shipped to our store. We will reach out to you after the order is placed to provide an ETA on delivery.

Do you ship ammunition?

We do not ship ammunition directly from our store. The costs and requirements for shipping ammunition since it is heavy and a hazardous material, makes it cost prohibitive to ship. Customers who order ammunition online, will be required to pickup their orders in store.

The only exception is when one of our distributors offers drop shipping for ammunition. If you are not local to the store and would like to know if drop shipping of ammunition is available, please reach out to us via email before placing an order.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is when an item that is ordered is shipped directly from our distributor to the customer. This can be a very convenient option, but due to various rules and regulations, only certain items can be delivered using this method.

How do I cancel or change my order?

If you need to change or cancel your order, please email us and provide your name, address, phone and order number. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to address your concerns.

How do I contact customer support?

The best method is by email at: info@armoursportsinc.com

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